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Monday, 15-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Hey guys, moved to Xanga!

Monday, 20-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
September 20, 2004 Sunday 11:53 pm

The biggest game of poker at Jess's
aerial view
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Current Music: [The Early November-Everythings Too Cold...But You're So Hot]
Current Mood: [crabs]

Whats up guys...haven't written in this thing in a while. I'm thinkin bout movin though to xanga or something. But anywhoo. today was a nice day. I like the fall...always have...Well i guess its like second to Summer but I just like it because its not to hot/ not to cold. I know school starts in the fall but its easy at first...less stressful, just adjusting. I'm sure the guys from the early november feel me...seeing as if they named their band over a month in the fall...What the hell am I talking about I have no idea.
Well today I went home and hung out for a lil bit. Watched some blockbusters ate some home cooked meals, played w/ my lil bro and my dog logan...haha. Then I wanted to play a game of poker over Justin's w/ the guys but I guess they didn't feel like it so I ended up goin to my other boy Justin's 19th birthday surprise party at his g/f Jess's house. It was a good time. they took forever to get there though, but I'm sure he was surprised. Haha her lil brothers were all talkin crap when all the 19 year olds were playin em in volleyball...yea be showed em whats up. Haha I had all my poker stuff in the car cuz I thought I was gonna play somehwere else so we ended up playin a huge game...the Pot started out at 4 bucks...and by the end of the night it was like 12 or 13..We all pitched in money for crabs and feasted like was great. It was kinda cold out tonight though...but I kinda liked it. It was just a nice night w/ friends...we hang out all the time but it I guess it was just funner cuz we were in a different scenery...ahh but i got studyin to do. g'nite

Sunday, 5-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
September 5, 2004 Sunday 3:36 am

Current Music: [Funeral For a Friend]
Current Mood: [wiiide awake]

Well...its 3:36am right now and we started playing poker at 10...sooo thats like 5 hours or so of poker...Haha damnn we all have gambling problems. Tonight was pretty Adam said...tonight our dorm WAS Las Vegas...haha. We started talking about if how an R.A walked by our room and walked in we'd be screwed. We had the four things Las Vegas is known for...and those things are: drugs, alcohol, gambling, and strippers. haha. Can you just picture an R.A walkin in w/ the smell of weed in the air...a hugeeee gambling table in the middle of the room w/ beer bottles all over it along w/ half naked girls just chilling...hahahah we'd be soo fucked. haha Turns out i lost 3 bucks...i started out w/ 2 dollars and doubled that to 4 dollars in the first game...then i lost 3 in the second game..Everyones addicted to the game I speak they are STILL playin for the 15 dollar jackpot...But I bet the stakes will get higher next game cuz we aint playin no egyptian rat screw here...this is vegas. haha pzz

Thursday, 2-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
September 1, 2004 12:11 am

haha all into the Madden 2004 tourney
hangin out in the new dorm
a picture of my desk...why? i dont know b/c I LOIIKE IT!
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college. So far the college life has been great. As Chris Carabba would say (dashboard conf.) ..." College nights will draw the crowd." So far so many people have been in and out of this place I'm sure our dorm room feels like a lil slut. Used and abused. Haha. I've been back in the towers since Sunday. The first night was fun...of course drinkin, partyin, chilln...haha. The second night i just wanted to hang out.
I don't know if I like my classes...I'm taking women studies which is a good class b/c the girls that are in there are amazing...and whats even better...some of em are probably lesbians...Dont get me wrong though...there are some butch ass ugly diky girls in there to. And I should be doing my womens studies h/w...but I started and its all "feminism this...burn your bra once and then sautee it for 20 minutes" i don't have a bra i can't do that!! haha mann i'd hate to think there is actually a girl in there who is all about this feminism crap b/c if she could reach into my head during that hour lecture she'd want to rip my brain out. Like eminem would probably think...its hard now a days to find a good female who cooks and cleans...haha SHUT UP AND BAKE ME COOKIES!!!....sugar!
Chem and physiology...still hard as shit...i can tell im gonna have trouble in both but I'm just gonna bite my toungue and take it like that time where i went to prison...who said that? ahh
And my microeconomy class is pretty cool I teacher is crazyyyy like serirosuly...his nick name is Crazy Willy..haha. He played a scene from top gun today...that was cool...but he's funny but strict..i dont know how this is going to go but hopefully good.
All my roomates are cool...we've been friends since high school so I can tell this is going to be a good year.
Tonight we all played poker haha. It was the first time we played for real. Before college I bought a poker table at Spencers and i've been dyin to use it ever since. We only played w/ 2 bucks and we used the chips to value nickels, dimes, and quarters. Haha it got all intense...we started bettin 25 cents and it felt like 250 dollars..heart all beating fast. If you know how to play texas hold em...let me know and you can play cuz we are proly gonna play a lot...everyone got all into was fun.
But anyways...its gettin pretty late and I still gotta read about women's bra's and shit...haha so goodnight

Thursday, 26-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Thursday Aug. 26, 2004 11:40 pm

All of us at Hooters for Adams b-day
another group shot
the crewww...still standin
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Today I woke up all tired. Wednesday night after work I went over Davenas and hung out there for a while. She got a new air hockey table...then me, Bryan, Eric, Adam, and Sean all went up to Rodney to go play tennis under the lights. It was gettin intense man...we were goin hard until like 11:30...didnt get back til like 12: 15 or so...had to take a shower....didnt get to bed til like 12:40....hahah that sounds all easy to do...but when you gotta deal w/ lil kids all day you gotta be on your A game.
Yea so today we played Steal the Bacon and Capture the Flag...haha it was fun'd think that since im older and bigger I could help my team win capture the flag...its actually like 10 times harder cuz I'm an easy target. Some lil girl Kelsey tagged me right in the adams apple man...that hurtttt!!. Also at work today we played a pretty intense card game of 99 and I also learned how to double dutch hahaha...i learn the most useless things there but atleast I learn something.
Then after work I got a shower and headed over to church to meet up w/ Gayle and go head to that thing we do on thursdays haha. yaaaaaa.
Thennnn after that I met up w/ the fellas + bonnie at Hooters to celebrate Adam A's birthday. It was a good time. The Eagles were playin and we were sittin right in front of the big screen so I was happy about that....We left b4 the fourth quarter though so I was kinda salty cuz I wanted to see Andy Hall represent DE. I ordered curly fries + side of cheese. Mann this girl i went to gradeschool w/ works there...nutzzzzzz. It was cool though it seems like we dont hang out like that any a huge group...we used to do it all the time back in highschool so it was good to go back. On that note...I'll leave you w/ a goodnight and have a good weekend.
Andy Tizzle

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